• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

Using Words To Sell Your Music

Let’s address the elephant in the room… Making it in the music business is hard.

We sell a very cheap product that is expensive to produce and manufacture and the market is flooded with competition.  Besides, the product we sell is music and doesn’t solve any specific issues in our economy, social, or political arena’s. Therefore, any solutions and marketing tricks that were used in any other industry doesn’t work for us.

Yes, it a tough business…

The truth is the majority of us musicians, didn’t sign up because we thought it was an easy way to get rich. Many of us find it a “passion” or “calling” accepting the journey emotional, spiritual, or physically enjoyable.  At some point during that journey, we ask ourselves “how am I going to make a living doing this?”

The path was once clearer: We use to record, perform, sell music from shows, rinse, and repeat. All the while hoping some music executive from a major label would come and hand you that million dollar contract to sign. Well, that not what we can be hopeful for.  Today we have to not only grind for our bird feed we need to plan and strategies because the major labels distribution channels, record store, and the mainstream media just doesn’t matter anymore.

With the internet and streaming outlets, employing smart marketing strategies direct to fans anyone can make a living as a musician. One element to add to your marketing strategy is Copywriting.

What is Copywriting?

It’s not that complicated… It called Copywriting… Yes, it’s totally different from Copyright.  Copyrighting is the process of sending your creation to the government to protect your creation. Copywriting is a marketing strategy that uses words to sell a product or service.  It is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the marketing circles. Copywriting often gets confused with writing product descriptions, brochures, or advertisements. Yes, those are forms of copywriting as well but the kind of copywriting marketers refer to is the art of using words to motivate people to talk actions.

Copywriting can help

1. Drive Traffic

2. Turn that traffic into a mailing list and social media following

3. Build an authentic relationship with your subscribers

4. Ask your subscribers to spend money on music, tickets, and merchandise.

How does this work?

Let’s start by visualizing… imagine a total stranger who has never heard of you. Now, imagine you have a raving fan who shares your music and regularly spends money on your music, merchandise, and tickets to your shows.  Somewhere between the two images you great a journey for that fan.  You were able to provide processes from strangers to fan.

The 7 key processes in creating a fan’s journey are

1. Awareness (sees a post about your music)

2. Interest (identifies with the sound and experience)

3. Engagement (listens to your music, comments blog post, engages social media)

4. Purchase (first purchase, streaming, adds your music to playlist)

5. Becomes Fan (gets value from  their purchase)

6. Becomes True Fan (continues to support by making addition purchases)

7. Endorsement (shares your music with others)

…this is where COPYWRITING comes in.

Words pique the interest of strangers build relationships with fans and convince people to spend money with you and help support your career.  You don’t need to be the world’s greatest writer just simply understand the fundamental dynamics and the triggers that actually motivate people.  Copywriting can change a simply lifeless campaign into a headline by just changing the words.

Mastering copywriting is a skill you wan to learn to sell your music or anything that matters.

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