• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.


Let us talk a little bit about

some of the job descriptions of people who work in recording studios. A lot of the jobs of people who work in the music industry in general overlap with each other, and that's usually the case with producers and engineers.


Producers are the people who are responsible for coordinating all aspects

of the recording project. They work very closely with the artist. They may help to choose the songs for the album, or the project that they're working on. Some times producers are instrumentalists themselves, and may contribute instruments, keyboards, on the recording. Producers are responsible for hiring session players if the artist does not come in with all the musicians needed. The producer will help to determine who would be the best players for the session.

Also, the Producer is responsible for keeping track of all the money that's being spent on a project, and make sure that everybody gets paid. Most importantly, they are the liaison between the record label and the business side of things. As well as, making sure that artist and the management along everybody else is on the same page about the recording project and the way that it's going.

The Producer definitely has to be a person who can manage the egos and emotions of musicians because a recording studio is a very vulnerable place and you need to make sure that people feel comfortable and feel like they can try things and be creative. And it's a producer's job to set the tone.

Expect the producer to also be an engineer as well. However in large or big budget projects the producer and the engineer are separate.

Sound engineers

Sound engineers have their own set of skills that are quite specific.

Engineers are in charge of the technical aspects of recording. They set up the microphones and the gear. They operate the recording software and external equipment. They know how to fix anything that breaks. Sometimes, there’s a second engineer on the session.

The second engineer is usually working on the patch bay or moving gear in or out of the suit. Even running out to grab lunch, being a gopher. Engineers also have the skills required to go on tour and do live sound mixing for artists. A lot of those skills are transferable between recording and live sound mixing.

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